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Starter Brand Underwear
Hello everyone! I was working on the next part of a story and I decided to give a character Starter underwear because of how stretchy I have heard it is. However, I tend to like to make my stories as realistic as possible, so I have been looking for pictures or videos of people wearing starter brand underwear, but I haven't found any. I understand there is a strict picture and video policy, so I was wondering if someone from the site cold give a personal testimony about the brand. What kind of wedgies the underwear was good for, the general stretchiness of the undwrwear, etc. that would be great. Thanks! (I would prefer boxer briefs if possible, but briefs would be fine as well.)
Hey Far. I know that starter underwear isn't any good because my brother wears them and they aren't stretchy at all. He is 10 and they don't stretch much at all. That's only in boys sizes though. I cannot speak from mens sizes. So take my word with a grain of salt.

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