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Saw Someone's Underwear
The Today I was in class and someone bent over to go grab their books and they had some red Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs on. Later on, someone was squatting down and their plaid boxers were showing. Given like 5 more seconds I would've given them a wedgie but they got defensive and got back up quickly when they saw me going behind them. Oh well.
This one time about a year ago, I was sitting in the lobby of a building on my college campus. There were two girls chatting while sitting on one of the couches, and one of the girls had her pink Hanes panties showing a ton over her jeans. She had her hair dyed a matching pink, which I thought was kind of funny. Despite the fact that a solid 4 or 5 inches of her underwear was showing, she barely did anything to try to adjust herself. She tried to put her coat in front of her underwear to block it, but it was still obviously visible, and then she ended up moving the coat out of the way a few minutes later when she saw a friend that she wanted to make room for on the couch. Even when that friend left after a few minutes she continued to leave her underwear completely exposed in the back. I wonder how much she was even aware of it.

I don't think she even would have been able to pull her pants up any higher than they were. They were already very tight on her despite the fact that almost half of her pink briefs were left exposed, enough to read the cursive "Hanes" on her waistband 4 times.
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One of my friends was taking a test yesterday, and when he leaned forward I could see a couple inches of his Red Diesel Boxer Briefs.
The other day I was riding in a bus on my way back from a competition with my school and my friend fell out of his seat. Funnily enough, his underwear got caught on the seat as he fell which gave him a sort of wedgie and exposed his gray briefs to everyone (they were definitely briefs for two reasons 1. he was staying in the same hotel room as me and I saw him put them on that morning and 2. the legholes came out of his pants when he fell lol)
Saw a guy's light gray Hanes waistband today, with some dark blue colored material underneath. Were probably boxer briefs
I saw my professor bend over, his white waistband and underwear were showing over his belt. The underwear was inside out, they were a size XL
One of my girl best friends was wearing very light grey leggings, and you could see her pink cheetah print bikini panties through them. Another girl who was sitting next to me was wearing adidas track pants. She bent down to pick up her books and i saw her lime green waistband.
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