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Saw Someone's Underwear
These are from the past few weeks.

In ceramics, a girl was wearing black pants and a tie dye tee. The waistband of her purple panties that said Hanes on it were poking out.

In ceramics, this chick was wearing nude panties with black lace overlay and black waistband. They were poking above her jeans.

In english, this girl who always wears shirts that show a bit of belly finally showed some panties. I've been waiting to see them for a while. Hers were black with a silver square on the back of the waistband in the middle. Couldn't tell the cut at all.

In ceramics/woods (I share both classes with her), this one chick should not wear skirts. One time she had a large amount of sky blue fabric puffed up over her pink skirt. Another time she was wearing a jeans skirt and sitting. As she got up, she flashed an upskirt. It looked like grey panties with a black motif, maybe stars.

At ours choir festival, the other choir from our school all wore black dresses and most were short. I saw a lot of panty lines. But one girls dress caught on her lunch box as she was picking it up. It didn't unhook until after the peak was almost all the way up her butt, revealing hot pink seamless boyshorts.

I have a good half dozen pics to upload too, once I stop being lazy xD
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Today one of the schools cheerleaders wearing green skinny jeans and a tight white shirt. Her locker is close to mine, so I saw her purple panties (I think bikini) quite a bit over the top of her jeans.
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Friday night saw a 20-something white guy's waistband and fabric of gray Hanes briefs (maybe bbs, but they didn't have the seam lines on the butt cheeks like cheap bbs tend to have, so I'm guessing briefs). They were on inside out, which tells me he's either an idiot, or really doesn't like to do laundry.

Last night there was a hot Asian guy at a board game meetup I went to, he bent over and exposed a black waistband and a lot of red fabric, either briefs or bbs. Initially I thought that they were CK, but when he exposed the waistband more, I saw there were a lot more words on there, so it must have been some other high end brand.
Some guy I noticed was wearing orange briefs, the elastic was sticking out and the lines were showing out of his pants.
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The same cheerleader wore the same jeans, but red, and I assume she didn't wear panties because I couldn't see any VPL, so I saw about two inches of her buttcrack.
In my business class, I was a bit late leaving. A girl coming in for the next class stood at her desk right in front of me. She had on really thin yoga pants, and her entire g-string was visible through them. You could see the outline of the triangle, the slightly raised trim of the triangle was even visible. You could see both hip straps heading off a, and you could even see the little square where the side straps overlapped the triangle where the seams were.

A girl in the hallway was wearing yoga pants. She had a Y-back thong on, and you could see a crease where it laid every time she took a step.
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Saw a guy at a restaurant today in a booth across the room. He was wearing shorts that were kinda short to begin with, and I don't guess he realized it, but I think the way he sat down in the booth caused the legs of his shorts to be pulled up so far that I could see the back of his tighty whities. He sat like that for nearly twenty minutes before he realized it and kinda looked around blushing as he pulled down his short legs. And I know that they were tighty whities because when he stood up, I could clearly see the outline of his briefs, since his shorts were way too small and tight for him. He also spent a good two minutes readjusting after he stood up. The ironic thing about it though, was that this happened at a Mexican restaurant across from a pizza place that was appropriately named "Wedgies." XD
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There's a dude in one of my classes who I've been trying to get a sighting of for a while but he always would wear jeans and belt them really tight above his waistband with no chance to gt a glimpse. Today I found out why. For the first time ever he wore sweatpants and they must've been a little loose because he got up and fell to about his mid-thigh. He was wearing Hanes tighty whities!
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My hot blonde friend was wearing tight jeans and a lace black thong. Huge whaletail, I could see the leg holes completely
Coworker's underwear was sticking out in the breakroom the other day.
At lunch the other day, girl was leaning over the edge of the table while kneeling on the chair. She had a sliver of green panties sticking out of her jeans.

In business, a girl was putting her phone in the waistband of her yoga pants. She showed off her hot pink thong for a second as she did so.
Today a girl sat next to me got up as she was leaving and adjusted her jeans. Doing so lifted her shirt up and I caught a glimpse of a thick blue waistband.
In class and a girl came in to get a shirt for an activity group. She bent down to pick up her shirt and her navy blue leggings went completely see through. She was wearing dark colored seamless bikini cuts that said 'PARTY PANTS' in big white letters across the butt.
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Saw a Chinese guy's white waistband and some material under it peeking out from his pants - he was sat down on a table and eating lunch with friends. I think they were tighty whities, even though I know that they sell white boxer briefs but not many brands are found in stores for the white color while the other assorted colors are much more popular.

Oh, and this one is from several years ago but I used to live in a all male dorm where the restrooms were public, and someone had left their tighty whities in/near one of the shower stalls. I'm still not sure why he didn't take them back with him. Not exactly seeing "someone's" underwear but it is an underwear sighting.
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I saw a girl crouching at her locker and her red thong was showing. Also, a blonde girl bend down at her locker who was wearing a black tank top and low jeans and some of her blue waistband was showing, I assume bikini cut.

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