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Pm problems
Yup. Same here. It's happening again. Round 3.
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Hey guys. For some reason, when I try to get to my PMs, I get an error message. I've tried it on different devices, and it still happens. I was wondering if any of you are having this problem or know how to fix it. Btw, the error message is "403 Forbidden"
Yeah, this has happened twice before already. I suppose Trek will be working on resolving this soon, or he may already be on it as we speak. Hopefully we'll be able to access PMs again in several hours, maybe by tomorrow at the latest.
Ever time i try to look at my pms or open the messages it comes to a white screen saying forbiddon ???
Yeah, it's a forum-wide issue that has happened twice before already. Trek is probably already working on a fix, or will be soon. It will still probably take several hours before it gets fixed, possibly even a day. Just sit tight, and hopefully it will get fixed soon.
Looks like it's back guys, saw some post comments in my last post about round 2, but thought I'd make this to get more attention
Usually takes a few days actually, between 1-2 in the past
Doesn't make it any less a pain in the ass of course, but what Shadonky said..
Hey I can't access my pm's, it just gives me a "403 FORBIDDEN" message.  What do i do?
You wait for Trek to get the problem fixed. Again.
Is there no way i can help?
Not that I know of.
dang, i love helping lol
Idk, good ole' Trek will save us Tongue
Just your average amateur guitarist.

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