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Pm problems
The 403 error has returned for PMs for me, not sure if anyone else has this problem, just posting to let you guys know
I'm having that problem too dude
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(Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, 09:20)Fnderguitar Wrote: I'm having that problem too dude

I believe it's a site wide problem.
I thought we were done with this crap.. TT_TT
403 Error 2: Electric Boogaloo
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403 Error 2: The Revengencining
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Same here....ugh.
Reporting in to say I'm having the same problem.
Same here the dam 403 Error !?!
Is the dam to stop the flood of 403 errors?

(403 Error 2: Dam It!)
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Is it just me, or has the new forum had a lot of problems lately? First the 502 Bad Gateway (which is still ongoing, though with reduced frequency); then the 403 Forbidden Error, and now the 403 Forbidden Error is back.
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Me too.
I've submitted a new support ticket about the 403 error. Once that's resolved, I'll submit a ticket about the 502 error.
The 403 error should be taken care of (again).

As to the 502/Bad Gateway error, the site host needs a little more information. The next time any of you gets the error, could you please do the following:
  • Note the exact time and the time zone that it occured;
  • Note your local network IP address using, e.g., ;
  • Take a screenshot of the error page; and
  • Do a tracert for the website by opening the command prompt (Start --> Run --> cmd) and typing tracert in the window and taking a screenshot of the results;

Please email the results to
Ummmm... just to note, I got 403'd again. Just now.
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