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After watching a few episodes of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (I'm finding it enjoyable atm) I have to ask does anyone else feel like the First opening to jojo sounds a bit like the opening to Cowboy Bebop? Someone tell me I'm not insane thinking this!
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(Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, 17:00)Butter Wrote: After watching a few episodes of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (I'm finding it enjoyable atm)

one of us. one of us. ONE OF US. ONE OF US
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Finally watching the English dub for FLCL, and I'm floored.
Never Knows Best

I hear they're making more soon
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Yeah, two more seasons, meaning 12 more eps. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Never Knows Best

I've been watching all of the anime featured in Heroes Phantasia. Most of them are rather good IMO.
DBz is the best anime of all time
While I absolutely love dbz and it's definitely one of the most important anime out there, it is faaaar from the best xp
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Most of my personal favorites are stuff almost no one has heard about(as Salt might know) haha. That said, I do love me some DB. Is it my fav? Nah, but it's still a wonderful series.
(Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, 22:52)Josh Wrote: I finally decided to watch a series and it was okay, lol. No actually I was posting to complain a bit because I was disappointed by the third season of Durarara (Durarara X2 Ten- not the current one that's airing, but the one before that). I like this series and thought the first two seasons were solid. This season not so much though. It didn't really have a climax which was unfortunate, it felt like where it ended was probably in the middle of one of the light novels that the series is adapted from.

Well I watched the most recent one and it was much better. It felt like the first two seasons again and had a good finality for the series overall if they do choose to end it there instead of adapting the other light novels.
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rewatching rurouni kenshin again...soooooo much nostalgia
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Roosterteeth. Please. Fucking cease and desist.
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^ For anyone who didn't realize, it was an April Fools joke.
Did someone at RT say that? Cause they usually tell the truth on April Fools day
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Ah, well if that's the case then I dunno. Make of it what you will.

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