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How do you delete an account?
The new site isn't as good as the older one, so I've been wanting to delete it for awhile. So how do you delete it? I've looked everywhere and I still have no idea how to :/
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you dont. And that's not a joke. I don't think there's a way to delete accounts.
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I never understood why people always asked for their accounts to be deleted, just don't go on the site if you don't want too.
Huh...well that's kinda stupid :P
Kik: jackfrost30515
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Well, some social media sites require a death certificate to delete an account, so if you have one of those I think we can make it work. Seriously though, rule #1 on the internet, nothing ever completely disappears after it finds its way online
Plus why leave the site cause the older version was better... the older is gone, this is all you got left

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