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M/F What fandoms are you in?
I'm in the gravity falls, tlok/atla, anime, rise of the brave tangled dragons, final fantasy, life is strange, and the Fran bow fandom :)
Kik: jackfrost30515
[Image: mElrGPU9tDs.jpg]
I'll be honest. I'm a Whovian, or for those that aren't sure, a Doctor Who fan. (And no, I'm not missing a question mark)
Only real limits I have is nudity, sexual stuff, and messies. Other than that, i'll do most rp's. Feel free to PM me. I feel like I shouldn't have to repeat this, but I mostly get and won't do where I purely give. Last thing: I do not have kik.
None. Most fandoms are terrible in my experience.
(Saturday, April 30th, 2016, 13:54)izzorz Wrote: None. Most fandoms are terrible in my experience.

True  Tongue
Star Trek
Star Wars
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Battlestar Galactica
Doctor Who/Torchwood
James Bond
Harry Potter

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