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What Underwear Are You Wearing Right Now?
White Hanes Briefs
Hey. I'm a fat guy. get over it. I am asexual/homoromantic toward mostly other big guys. [I love cuddling]. 

I wear white briefs practically all the time [except when larping cause compression shorts are love/life].

Enjoy getting wedgies more than giving. If you want my kik, message me for the user name.

I am also tightywhitiehang on Youtube.
Gray Batman briefs.
(Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, 05:29)Trekboy008 Wrote: Bright red The Flash briefs with yellow accents.

Ugh, I want all your undies Trek. xD

Black Calvin Klein briefs now. Bought some Russell athletic briefs today, but they were really tight in front. I hate being between sizes :/
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Blue jockey briefs
White Campbellsville Apparel Company briefs. The same ones issued to you when you go to bootcamp in the military. No logo on the waistband and they come up to just above my belly button.
Some light blue Hanes briefs I didn't think I had anymore haha. Was a pleasant surprise this morning
The most comfortable whities from Jockey.
Bright yellow American Eagle briefs.
My favorite grey hanes boxer briefs. getting ready to go out tonight for saint pattys day!
Tommy Hilfigers again. This time they're either black or very dark blue? I honestly can't tell xD
Orange jockey briefs.
Dark blue Calvin Klein briefs
Hanes tighty whities
I am vengeance. I am the night. 
Black Calvin Klein briefs today. They're getting old and a little worn out :/
Blue Hanes Knit boxers that my best friend left when he slept over a year ago

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