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What Underwear Are You Wearing Right Now?
Black Jockey briefs.
wore hanes tighty whities today, a kid in my gym class pointed them out while I was changing and chuckled a bit
Nope likes this post
White and grey American eagle briefs
ftl briefs cause why not
[Image: large.gif]
Leopard print thong
black Bench boxerbriefs
Always looking for people to RP with.
Please don't contact me to do dares or kik, but happy to talk about wedgies.
Not interested in being a wedgie slave or master.
Tommy Hilfiger dark blue boxer briefs
Blue jockey briefs
American eagle trunks with penguins on them.  Cool
Sky blue briefs
FTL tighty whities that I had in a chair wedgie for awhile earlier.
Uniqlo tighty whities.
[Image: bf576ded-854c-47fc-b2ff-d1e96c05f586_zpso67xrfep.jpg]
Black Jockey briefs
I'm off today so I'm sitting around in only my Fruit of the Loom tighty whities and a shirt lol
Handcraft Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon briefs.

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