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Double Jock Lock
Or maybe it should be called the jock lock on lockdown.  Or maybe the Jock Padlock.   Either way... had an idea today that I tried and enjoyed....

Step 1: Perform a jock lock with one foot going through each leg hole of the undies.

Step 2: Tie both feet together around the ankles (once the ankles are through the legholes.

By tying the two feet together, there is no amount of wiggling that will ever undo the jock lock.

I recommend augmenting this by putting your hands through the front of the leg holes and taping them together. The only way to get free then is to wiggle your way to a pair of scissors, located as far away as you dare.
Be careful, though, when freeing yourself with the scissors, cutting tape on taped wrists isn't easy. Practice beforehand (minus the jock-lock) to make sure you're comfortable with the process.

EDITED BY AUTHOR: Vinnie raises some good points, and I apologize for not taking all of them into consideration. Not being a receiver myself, I've heard from some subs who tried this that it was difficult but not impossible, but in light of the safety issues I feel I ought to rescind my recommendation. 

Instead: maybe try a less secure but much safer option... underwear handcuffs. By placing your wrists through the legholes of an extra pair of underwear and rolling your wrists until it tightens, you can create a fairly comfortable but restrictive-feeling set of impromptu handcuffs with no need for scissors to release yourself.
If I'm on here, I'm probably here as well:
I wouldn't advise taping your hands through the front unless you have someone else there to help you out. Putting scissors that close to your genitals while you're bound isn't the smartest idea. If someone is really interested in tying themselves up I'm sure there's some tips you can get from the BDSM community, possibly handcuffs or some kind of restraints you can undo yourself without the need for cutting.

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