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Old Navy Briefs Are Back
Just as the subject says. Since 2012, ON had FTL making their briefs.  But it seems recently they've returned to doing things themselves. It they're as good for wedgies as the previous version of ON briefs were, this is a good thing.
how good are they?
That always depends on preference, but if they're anything like they used to be, they wedgie well. The old ones were designed in a way so it felt like fabric was going up your butt before the legholes really started to move IMO. The old ones were also 100% cotton, which feels better, but means you're not likely to get a non-ripping atomic out of them.
I checked online and they said that the white briefs are 96% cotton and 4% spandex, so is that good?
The briefs for small boys are 100% cotton
spandex is very good means they are stretchy, but I am unfamiliar with the brand so tabletop333 seems to know, but now you have to add stretchiness as a factor
Yah the old ones were definitely 100% cotton, so the addition of spandex means I know longer know exactly how they're going to act, but I think that small amount of spandex should increase stretchiness fun without reducing that comfy cotton feeling too much.
Is the sizing really an Extra Extra Small is 35 inches? Or is my chart coming up wrong. That seems very big for Extra Extra Small.
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