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I told a friend
Ok so, I have this friend who's a girl and we're pretty close but not in a relationship. A couple weeks ago we were talking and we somehow got on the subject of fetishes, (She doesn't care what people think of her or what people know about her, so she was talking about them and how she's one of the perviest people), she asked me if I had one, and so I said yes and acted coy and tried not to talk about it. As the title says, however, I finally cracked and told her, and her response was the best thing I'd heard in years. 

"So, wedgies? Aight, that's not as bad as all of mine XD"

I felt like dying, but she said she was genuinely interested and wanted to hear more, so I went on a huge ramble and she said it was interesting and sounds fun..... I have strange friends, but I love them Big Grin

She was chill with it and I was happy
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Glad to hear it worked out well for you.
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