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Favorite Video Game Level/Stage?
Hey all, I've been thinking about video games, designing them to be specific, and was wondering. What is your personal favorite video game level/stage? And what's good about it? It can range from you loving the levels atmosphere, to clever enemy placement, or even a catchy soundtrack throughout the stage. 
the stage in fire emblem 7 where you fight nergal. It's just epic. Plus you get to really see your effort in training characters pay off...or you could do something else which I wont spoil and it's still pretty epic
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I find Sheol in Binding of Isaac to always be a fantastic stage; great atmosphere with the aesthetic and music combination, and the Satan fight at the end is always a ton of fun.
I find myself trying to find excuses to take the Negative over the Polaroid just to go down there lol
I think the ornstein and smough fight in dark souls 1 is one of my favorite boss fights. the music set the tone perfectly as you fight two bosses, who on their own would be a challenge in themselves. then when one dies the other drains their energy, making them unlock a whole new skill set. honestly it was a crazy fucking fight, but i loved every minute Big Grin
The End fight in MGS3, any of the Vergil fights in DMC3, Both Devil Hand fights in God Hand

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