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Anyone else wear fruit of the loom tighty whities
Hey I just wanted to know if Im the only one who wears tighty whities by fruit of the loom
When I wear tighty whities (which is a lot) I wear Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, and Jockey mostly
I wear them with my name on the back of the waistband
I wear them.
I-I want some...I just need a job...and a license...and a car...gah.
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I stopped wearing them around age 15 haha
still wear em occasionally but not often
Yep, I wear them. I like them, good wedgie material
Me. I like them so much more then hanes.
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I have one pair I keep around for wedgie purposes, that's it.
I just bought my first pack Big Grin
I bought my first pack of fruit of the loom tighty whities last summer (2015). Since then, I have ripped quite a few of them in wedgies so I should probably go buy some more soon. I think I bought a 7-pack and I only have 3 left. I prefer not to rip them because I buy them and don't want to continually buy more, even though they are really cheap. I bought them in a size small because I am on the smaller size, about 5'8" or 5'9" and about 115-120lbs, and I also like my underwear a bit tighter. I also have 1 pair of hanes briefs in a small and 4 pairs of hanes briefs in medium. I, and my cousin, have ripped the rest of them, originally 7-packs as well. I can't decide what I like better. I dont really like the medium Hanes, they're a bit roomy for my likes. I like the Hanes small because they're comfier than the FoTL but I like the FoTL because they're even tighter (huge plus for me, I cannot emphasize how tight I like my underwear, but I am too big for boys' sizes) and I think their cotton is a bit thicker, which I like as well. I would say I like the FoTL better for that reason.
I have a couple pairs that I wear occasionally.
Yeah I have some but dont wear them often, idk if I like them better than Hanes or not though
I do. And I like them better than Hanes, but I have both.

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