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Willkommen and Basic Rules
I'm so excited to be a moderator on this site! It's a great privilege to have been asked to help Trek out with the site. For those of you who don't know me: my name is Jay (aka SilverFusion) I'll be a freshman in college next year and love wedgies. Always willing to keep a chat going. Anyways some simple housekeeping rules:

1) please keep in mind that regardless of the site being removed from the servers: we at WH still follow simple prodecall of the site. We will still follow the rules from the old site and those will be updated shortly. 

2) by popular demand wedgie buddies are back. Please be safe and don't do anything illegal. We want to make sure wedgie buddies are safe here and nobody feels prossecuted or uncomfortable with the art of the wedgie

3) if you were on the site before its termination: welcome back. If you just joined us, welcome! Hope you all have a fun time. Please be kind to the new members (or returning ones that be)

Wedgie lover since 2013
Mod since 2016

Loves jock locks and normals

PM to talk, ask questions or just converse about wedgies

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