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F/M Question for every wedgie lover
If theres a chance that you were to have a child or children with another wedgie lover (which you married, are dating, or whatever), would you tell your child/ children about your fetish or show your love for them through playful wedgies? What do you guys think?
Interesting question. I'd really just keep wedgies as a means of play wrestling. I wouldn't give wedgies as a fetish at that point more like proper parenting (making jokes with your child)
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Personally, I don't like wedgies sexually; I just like the feeling of my briefs up my butt. Anyway, I think I might give my kids wedgies, just as a form of playful rough-housing with them, the way parents will often do with their kids. There would be nothing wrong with that. However, if anyone were to give their kids wedgies (or do anything else to their kids) as a means of sexual gratification, that would be wrong. But as long as it's not done in a sexual way, I see nothing wrong with hiking my kids' underpants up their butts from time to time, as long as they don't mind and take it in the playful way in which it's meant. In fact, this would probably hold true for me even if my wife weren't a wedgie lover as long as she understood that it was just harmless rough-housing.
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Eh, for me, it'd seem exploitative and borderline (if not) pedophilia. Best case, it'd be perceived as very creepy.
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I definitely wouldn't tell my kids about the fetish because they don't really need to know and I wouldn't want to know too many details about their sex life either. I wouldn't give them wedgies either. It would be too odd for me since I like it and even if it was just rough housing I'd be concerned about getting turned on which just sounds awfully creepy.
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Absolutely not. Wedgies would remain strictly a bedroom thing between myself and my apparent future misses, and I would make sure to avoid the subject as much as possible with Captain Hammer Jr.
There are certain things parents have a right not to know about their children (and vice versa), including the intimate details of their respective sex lives. I would also avoid giving them wedgies since it is a sexual thing for me.
Gotta go with awkwardcardboard; i would hope my eventual spawn NEVER finds out what any of my kinks'd be rly strange, to say the least
Okay 100% no because that just sounds completely perverted, it would be like getting with somebody who is into BDSM and being like hey John I love our son let's tie him and spank him... Just no way!!
Yeah... I would not tell my children anything about my fetish. It does seem kind of incestuous and pedophiliac to involve your child in your fetish. I would of course tell my partner about my fetish though.
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Yeah no child wants to know what turns their parents on lol.
I would definitely not do it to them or let them know about it, I'd just think it was weird.
99% no. The only time I could see it happening would be in a situation where you're trying to act 'normal'. Kids are random and sometimes they want a silly prank to happen to them or do a prank on their parent. In this instance I feel a short one wouldn't be horrible as you're just being a fun parent but because you know it can be sexual it would be best to steer your kid away from it.

Basically, giving off any weird vibes about it might pop a red flag in your kid's head and make them more interested. Downplaying it would hopefully make it a one time thing that they quickly move past.

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