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Least favorite wedgie
I was really curious as to see what are some of your least prefered wedgies. Im not a big fan of jock-lock or Natural wedgies, either to see or to receive
My least favorite has to be a shoulder wedgie. I just find them kinda uncomfortable :/
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I hate hangings
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My least favorite wedgie has to to be the jock lock
I am not a fan of the melvin. Always preferred wedgies from the back end.
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I'll second messies and hanging. Neither of those are for me.
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I'd say messies are my least favorite.
i hate messies too.
Messies and frontals r icky
Messies are just bad.
(Sunday, April 10th, 2016, 08:07)Wedgie-Hitler Wrote: Messies are just bad. Don't particularly like frontals either, unless it's a squeaky clean, I prefer a wedgie to actually be a wedgie (i.e: wedgying in my butt)
I'm not a big fan of melvins or messies. I'm okay with hangings though
I've never been a fan of squeaky cleans. They just hurt a bit too much for my liking.
Squeaky clean, they're too painful to receive and just aren't fun to look at.

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