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So I'm on Lucky Fetish aswell as this, and I like what there setting up! So the way we all want a really good videos and there is NOTHING really! What about paying a few models to do a video? Like what there doing on LF? If we all pitched in towards it we could do an AMAZING video!
Just to clarify because you weren't super clear, you want to get members to chip in to pay models to shoot a wedgie video?

You do know there are already quite a few professional wedgie videos done by porn sites that you can view as long as you pay for them?
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He means a custom, where you select the models and write the script. Fetish stores already sell wedgie stuff (that gets stolen quite a lot unfortunately), but you don't really have control over any of the products unless you pay for a custom (I think those are usually a few hundred dollars).

There are some guys at LF looking into doing something like this, apparently getting a few grand to make a 30+ minute video that's funded by about 15 people.

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