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Looking back at pms
So on the old site there was a way you could look back at a whole thread of messages with one person is there any way to do that on here?
cant do that here unfortunately xp i believe it would be hard to try to implement here which kinda sucks but i guess that's life now
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Would there possibly be a MyBB plug in for this? Someone else may have already implemented it then you wouldn't have to code it yourself! That would be pretty sweet. Otherwise. I may have a new fun project to submit to the MyBB plugins site Smile
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I'm  If you know how to modify code on a forum, and won't fuck up the SALT coding and shut the site down permanently, perhaps you should get in contact with the Fürher  Trek. I doubt he'll let you do it, but it's worth a Try
Oh I would release it to the MyBB add on site for testing :p
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