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Anyone here likes he Flash, Arrow or Legends of Tommorow?
Ok who wants to talk about how excellent last nights episode of The Flash was? Ever since the winter break I think the quality of the episodes has been increasing and this was probably one of the best of the season, and that's saying something. Also we got a sorta lazy but much needed Hartley Rathaway redemption, I'm excited to see him back and working with Team Flash even if it is brief. I expect he'll be around more in season 3 *fingers crosses*

Tom Cavanagh killed it again reprising his role as Wellsobard, forgot how menacing the guy was and it is fun to see Harry and Wellsobard in the same episode for comparison. The only bad thing of this episode is we have to wait another 3 weeks for the next episode.
So, we now know who's in the grave, and I'm really, really disappointed. There's some wiggle room for the death to be fake but then that means all this 'oh, somebody's dying' build-up is for naught, but damn, after all the hard work making the character likeable they went and wasted it.
Arrow is probably my second favorite superhero show other right after Daredevil!

Why did it have to be them? I feel kind of let down by this, in the fact I feel robbed of a character that was finally finally coming into their own and acquiring the skills that make them so awesome.
Having thought about it, I sorta realized that no matter who it was I'd have been disappointed. I mean, of Team Arrow, pretty much every character was likeable by this point, with the exception of Felicity who was given 'immunity' to the grave in the midseason premier. If they went with an ally like Quinten, Roy, Nyssa, Curtis, or anyone else it'd felt like a cop-out, so they only had the option of the core team of Diggle, Laurel, and Thea, all three of whom had been awesome this past season.

This is turn makes me realize how terrible the idea of the story was, and a little worried given Agents of SHIELD is apparently doing something similar with the 'space station explosion' scene.
I totally agree that a less important character would have been a huge cop-out and I super agree that it was a terrible idea to model the season around. I fucking hate "Who will be in the grave" mysteries.

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Hey is anyone else excited for Black Siren's appearance on the Flash? For some reason I think she's a meta human unlike her earth one Dopple ganger (aka Black Canary/ Laural Lance) that uses a sonic device.

[Image: tumblr_inline_o54rgnsmCB1qgz6dg_500.gif]
I think its confirmed she's a meta.

I'm looking forward to it if just for the chance to see some form of Laurel again, and because I really like her duds here. Though, to be honest the main thing I'm looking forward to is seeing Wally's attempt to help the Flash; after what happened two episodes ago I'm hoping we might see him gain his speed here, or at least in the finale.
At this point, Wally's character development has been the best part of the show; hell, recently its been the only reason I've kept up with the show; Barry has gotten increasingly less likeable recently and Zoom's just been all kinds of terribly written. Not to mention how they fucked up Jay Garrick.

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