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Anyone here likes he Flash, Arrow or Legends of Tommorow?
For anyone who watches any of these three tv shows, any opinions or thoughts about the show? Likes? Dislikes? Theories?

I honestly hate the new Firestorm with Jax, I loved the whole Catlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond relationship that was going on. And for the Arrow at the moment I am upset because of Felicity's decision about dumping Oliver.
I enjoy all three; Legends is currently my favourite because of how balls-to-the-wall crazy it is, with Flash second and Arrow third.
I think Flash is a good show overall but I've never been fond of its treatment of villains (Thawne didn't have much depth, Zoom is a bucket of crap, Cold was inconsistent in how they acted like he was a moralistic anti-villain like his comic counterpart while he instead acted like a cold-hearted asshole), but I think a big part of my problems tend to stem from how I'm a fan of the Flash comics, particularly Mark Waid's run, so I'm a little iffy on changes and sensitive on things (still bugged that Wally and Linda haven't even met yet; they had such a beautiful relationship).
Arrow I've enjoyed for the most part, but Season 1 was just 'OK' and while Season 2 was great, they're really struggled to meet the standards that set. Still, I'm enjoying the new status quo, in particular I like how, with the exception of Felicity, all the female characters are actually likeable people, how Oliver is no longer Mr I-wish-I-was-Batman, and the costume design, and I adore Damian Darhk. Really hate how Felicity's grown now though, for a good few reasons.

On Legends, I wasn't big on Jax, but the episode in the Gulag made me come around to him (mostly the 'Barry Allen Who!?' bit and the 'We're Firestorm!' moment), though my favourites on the team are Rip, Martin, Ray, and Sara (mostly Rip and Sara; if they became the official couple of the team, I'd be OK with that, though I don't ship it). Cold is OK but still has problems from Flash and feels too much like a creators pet, Kendra I don't mind but she doesn't have much depth, Heat Wave I liked until, well, you know, and Carter...again, yeah.
I'm watching all of these along with pretty much any other superhero show that exists right now. I'd rank them the same as Captain, but I really don't like the current season of Arrow. It's been forcing too much CW drama down my throat and it hasn't really felt like the overarching story with Damian Darhk has been moving well this season. It comes to a halt too much for my liking.
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Se, I think Arrow's always had too much CW drama, but I feel this season dialed it down a bit, save for everything with Felicity and Oliver (can Olicity just die as a thing now?). At the very least, its not as bad as Season 3 (god, did that one suck for pointless drama).
It has always had way too much CW drama, I agree. It's just been bugging me more this season.
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Do you guys think it's weird that Oliver is the reason why I joined the archery club at my school? I'm just following my role model lol Big Grin
Not weird at all, for years I've been looking into joining an archery club simply because I really love Hawkeye and wanted to learn how to do archery. Unfortunately, never had the time or money to do it since the only club nearby is pretty far away and only open at awkward hours.
Btw, though I don't watch any of these shows, Gotham and Jessica Jones are both awesome shows
Yeah, I still need to watch those. Thanks for the Reminder
If you live at home, be careful about Jessica Jones, gets more sexual then most people want to have on with their family. And Gotham has Season 1 on Netflix, so there's that
(Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016, 23:29)CosmicFusion13 Wrote: For anyone who watches any of these three tv shows, any opinions or thoughts about the show? Likes? Dislikes? Theories?

I honestly hate the new Firestorm with Jax, I loved the whole Catlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond relationship that was going on. And for the Arrow at the moment I am upset because of Felicity's decision about dumping Oliver.

Ok I'm a huge fan of these shows so I'm glad we have a place to chat about them.

I'm loving Legends, I can't get enough. It's a really FUN show that lets all these B list (Sorry but they are) heroes who don't have their own show to really shine and have fun. I'm pretty sure the concept for the show was pitched as 'Caity Lotz kicking ass in period clothing through time'. She is so stand out to me right now and I'm glad she is getting a lot of attention on the show. You can't count out Captain Cold or Heatwave either, both have really grown as the show went on and I hoping for more of them in the future. I was always a huge Martin Stein fan so seeing more of him is a joy ever week, and I really do love the relationship he and Jax have developed. It good we get to see their partnership develop and grow, how they push each other. Simply a joy. \

That being said I think a few characters really need some more to do. Kendra is charming and cute but completely useless in combat which sucks since she has to be the one to kill Savage. Ray bounces between being completely useless and fucking up, also it would be nice if this romance between them ended yesterday. Rip while being an important character and having some genuinely good moments still hasn't really grown all that much on me. Then there is the obvious time travel pitfalls ALL shows that handle time travel experience but those are so minor to me they are barely worth mentioning.

The Flash is my favorite show on TV right now and I could go on for days why. Love everyone involved. Is it always the best show? No. Do I always walk away grinning? YES!

Arrow is a fucking mess right now, no denying. Oliver literally has no reason to be a hero anymore. His journey ended in Season 3 with the finale, and thus any real weight or motivation beyond a vague desire to keep his loved ones safe. Why is he the Green Arrow? Because Felicity wanted to be back in Star(ling) City and help the team. Why did he run for mayor? He needed something to do this season and vaguely to spite Damien Darhk so he can't easily take over the city...I guess? But even now that's done so...why? Why was Felicity in a wheelchair if we were just going to fix it literally two episodes later? Ummm Drama? Character growth (Where though right)?

Also why doesn't Oliver fire arrows anymore... or like do anything useful? Why can Cupid, Anarky, Random Ghost Soldier, that old lady down the street, my pet dog equal him in a fight when he defeated Ra's Al Ghul, literally the worlds best swordsmen? ????? ?????????!?

Lets get back to what makes Arrow great. Strong character driven motivation from Oliver Queen. A villain who doesn't vaguely want to ruin the city to make it better (We did that twice already now). A look into the personal lives of the team that don't orbit around Olicity Drama. Show me Laurel practicing law. Show me Thea..... ummm wait what is she doing for employment now that she doesn't run a club? Make the city a bigger focus! (Remember Sin? Or the Glades?) On that note maybe also show our heroes stopping crime? Stop a mugging, break up a gang war, stop some drug dealers...anything please. I guess basically... fucking ground your show.
(Monday, March 28th, 2016, 19:08)Shadonky Wrote: Btw, though I don't watch any of these shows, Gotham and Jessica Jones are both awesome shows

I don't watch Gotham, but I second Jessica Jones; though I wish we got at least one-or-two arcs unconnected to Kilgrave so as to avoid arc fatigue, its one of the strongest character pieces I've seen in a while.
Maybe we should make a separate Marvel TV shows thread, so Daredevil, Agent Carter, and Agents of SHIELD (and Marvel's Most Wanted, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, Captain Britain (assuming that's actually happening) and whatever else Marvel put on the little screen) can have their own section to talk about them with.

Also, Re:3sisters, concerning Ollie's motivation, I don't think its any worse than any other superhero: He has abilities, and the city needs help, so why not use those abilities to help said city? After Season 1, that's the basis of Barry Allen's motivation (now that he's caught Reverse-Flash at least; though, I suppose you could argue 'need to stop breachers because they're totally our fault' works), and Supergirl.

Also-also, speaking of Supergirl, how does that and Constantine fit into this? They aren't/weren't CW, but they're connected now.
I like The Flash a lot. It's consistently entertaining with engaging characters and a good tonal balance of lighthearted fun and enough seriousness to make the stakes feel real. I liked Arrow for a while (Season 2 was great.), but I gave up on it after last season. I just felt like it was starting to rely heavily on convoluted plotting at the expense of focus on the characters. I'm giving Legends of Tomorrow a shot. But it hasn't really worked for me yet. I like a lot of those characters on their original shows, but as an ensemble I feel like they're lacking a center, especially since Rip Hunter is kind of a black hole. And I'm already getting kind of bored of the rhythms of the crew getting chased from one time period to another and getting stuck in the new one for a week or two until they fix the ship and get chased off to the next one. At this point I'll probably stick with it until the end of the season, but I'm hoping the writers figure that one out soon.
Re: Captain Hammer - I mean Barry's motivation was always to stop the other meta humans because literally he is the only one who can stop them. The 'catch my Mom's killer and save Dad' was always his mission before becoming a hero. That was his life goal not his motivation. With Oliver his motivation to become 'The Hood' or 'The Vigilante' was to do that journal book thing from his father... I don't really remember Season 1 anymore. Season 2 Oliver became 'The Arrow' to keep a promise to Tommy and because the city went to shit thanks to his family, then he had Slade I mean Season 2 had so much personal motivation for Oliver to continue as 'The Arrow'. Season 3 he was lost and kind of beaten into a corner, he lost his company, his fortune, his family was mostly dead or Thea who was dealing with her own shit, even Felicity was with another seemingly perfect man. All he had left being the Arrow, which of course culminated in the whole League business and I think we can all agree Season 3 was sloppy at best in themes or writing. But after all that, Oliver quit, he gave up his mission and went to live a normal happy life. He ended his hero's journey and is literally dragged back into the mix because of his friends and because Felicity was already helping them for months. He's kind of just doing it since he once again has nothing else to do. He can't be the perfect normal husband and find inner peace so he has to do this... and it's just not interesting to watch.

I don't want to dump on Arrow though. I genuinely like this show and most of the characters... I just wish the writing was tighter. Give Oliver a real drive to do something other than being everyone's go to punching bag and human shaped killing machine. Make me care about this city so that when someone threatens to...ummm what ever Damien Darhk is threatening to do (that's still pretty vague), that I have some stakes or weight to that. I literally dno't care about Star City, they never made it part of the show and it was a BIG part of the show before. Just Argh.... rant over. #MakeArrowGreatAgain

Constantine was cancelled so they could just use the character with permission from the studio and DC, so that was easy. Supergirl is another dimension like Earth-2, so they are not connected. Supergirl plays on CBS which owns the CW so it wasn't that hard, it was more scheduling and finding a place in the plot to fit the crossover in. So Constantine joined the Arrowverse. Supergirl is not in the Arrowverse but Barry can jump Universes cause he's a boss like that. It's kind of fun that we can have all these great interactions thanks to these little things. I'm all for more DCTV!

Re: Aladdin Sane

Regarding Legends I totally can sympathize. I'll be the first to admit... I don't care at all about them stopping Savage. The Plot is meh and it's all disjointed, but I think that's the charm of the ensemble show. We can enjoy the interactions we do like and the story lines we find compelling and kind of zone out for the rest since most of it doesn't matter. I'm here for the fun character building, relationship forming (Not romantic), epic syfy fantasy roller coaster where I can see cool stuff happen devoid of relevance to the shows I actually care about for plot. This is like the frosting on our FLARROW cake, something sweet and full of empty calories. <3
I don't think that its that big of a deal; I mean, again, compare to literally every other superhero: They might have some tragic event that gives them reason to be who there are, but they typically deal with that quite quickly then just stay being a hero; after stopping the Nazis/HYDRA, why does Captain America keep being Captain America? After catching Uncle Ben's killer, why does Peter Parker keep fighting crime? After escaping terrorists, why doesn't Tony Stark stay home and rest? Why does Superman use his powers to save people? Why didn't Bruce Wayne move on from his parents' deaths?
All basically boil down to the same point: They have powers, abilities, resources, or skills that others don't, and the world could do with someone like them (or in Batman's case, the resources others don't that are needed to gain the abilities and skills that others don't).
Hell, even the Flash, he's not really 'needed' given Cisco can make tech to fight the metas and the CCPD aren't incompetent; we've seen people besides Barry take on the metahumans and win, without powers, but he has powers that give him a considerable advantage others don't have, which is why he helps.
Same applies to Oliver; he has a large number of useful skills that few others have (even the rest of Team Arrow, while all competent, aren't as good as he is at what they do since he's just had more experience and tougher training), and he's a good person at the centre of it. Given the city is in the shitter and his friends asked him to come back and help, his motivation this season is basically the same motivation he had in Season 2: He doesn't need to be the Arrow/Green Arrow, but the city sure needs it. Hell, its basically his motivation in the comics, since he didn't have any mission like 'The list' there; he just came back home after fighting pirates, and realized they could do with a vigilante.

I mean, I can agree the show has problems, and Oliver is far from the most engaging protagonist, but I don't think 'not having a mission' has anything to do with it. Personally, I think the problem is Oliver doesn't act like a normal human enough; he makes the least amount of jokes, we see him bond with the cast as people far less than we see them bond with others. He feels cold and that makes him boring; its the same reason Batman is my least favourite member of the Bat-Family of characters.

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