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Belt hanging wedgie rip chance?
So today I put a belt through my boxer leg holes, tied the belt to a tree branch in my garden and used a chair to keep me steady, as always I was too scared to leave go of everything, (My legs shake and get a tickling feeling) but i did get a bit of a wedgie half hanging. However when I let myself down I noticed on the bottom of the underwear there was a little hole, it must of ripped a little. It was nowhere near the waistband, just inbetween the legholes.. Now if I was to completely leave go, would the underwear of completely ripped? I would hang about 3 feet high but its not soft on the ground.

Anyway, are leghole wedgies fool proof? can they be ripped? The underwear is 95% cotton and 5% elastane.
basically, anyone who does rope or belts through the legholes to hang, is there supposed to be a rip in the middle? No balls to full hang when I'm not sure if it'll rip or not, classic hanging wedgies where you put the waistband on something like a hook don't work (maybe if you're a child or weight less than 100 pounds) but I always tought the leghole technique would make sure it won't rip.
thanks, ima try again tomorrow and see how it goes  Wink
Nothing is really going to ensure that your underwear won't rip I don't think. If you put your body weight on just underwear, unless they're great material, they're most likely gonna rip.
It's not fool proof. It's just harder for them to rip that way because if they do rip, which they very well might, they're going to tear into two pieces rather than just losing a waistband as you would if you just tried to hang using that. If there was a hole then, yeah they probably would have ripped.
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