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Introduce Yourself
'Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk to you again.'

I keep coming back here. I was named something like "Nevercanpickone" or something on the old website. This ride never seems to end for me. At lest I don't have that terrible art work I made up any more.

Anyway yea other then that I'm a pretty cool guy.
I'm a friendly guy I swear.
not much to say about me, just a 16 year old kid from Wisconsin. i was on the old site for about a year and a half. um other that i'm just a guy living life Big Grin
Hi I'm guitargod5150, and I'm a music education major with guitar as my main instrument. I've been getting wedgies since I was a little kid, but didn't really get into them until significantly later, maybe 14? I mostly lurked on the old site, but hopefully I'll post some pics here fairly soon, most likely over the summer and next year, since I currently have a roommate and I'm planning to get a single room next year. I wear pretty much every type of underwear, but I definitely prefer briefs, thongs, and boxer briefs. I really love getting wedgies from others, but that rarely happens these days. Ask me for my kik if you want to chat or anything.
hello all, i'm tightiesnatcher, or Lor, feel free to call me either, serious wedgie fetish and I love my tighty whities. feel free to message for my kik
Hey all, 24 from NY (better location in my profile). Been around since the first site all those years ago. Mostly a lurker but have done some meet-ups in the past. Some of my works include the multiple person (and one on one) meet-ups that atomicw2003 posted on the old sites. Down to chat about anything really if you want to reach out.
Hey, the name's Andrew but everyone calls me Andy. I'm 19, from Melbourne and recently came out as gay. I was lurking on the old site for a while but i'm looking forward to being a bit more active on this one. Down to chat and do some wedgies so hit me up.
I never really posted in the introduction thread on the last website, and I’m a bit late to posting on this one. Whoops! I guess I’m late as usual, lol.

Hey there! I go by T/Tee!

I’m a freshman in college with a huge passion for writing (wedgies, romance, sometimes a mixture of both?), and some of you may know me from a few of my stories on the old website. I’m usually found posting in the fiction stories section, but I lurk around the other boards quite frequently. Other than that, I love to roleplay (wedgies, fantasy, etc), and I’m a big online gamer.

I think one of my biggest regrets already is not changing my username to a cooler/more aesthetic one. Although this is the name I’m mostly associated with on here, so I guess it's not too bad. Maybe on this site I’ll actually upload a profile pic and create a signature?

I’ll see you around, Friend~

I'm Vince. Been around for a VERY long time. Was BloodDragon101 years ago. I am turning 25 next month. I like anime, music arts [Marching Band/Drum Corps], larping, and a whole lot of nerd stuff. Feel free to hit me up if you really want to. Doesn't matter to me if you do or not.
Hey. I'm a fat guy. get over it. I am asexual/homoromantic toward mostly other big guys. [I love cuddling]. 

I wear white briefs practically all the time [except when larping cause compression shorts are love/life].

Enjoy getting wedgies more than giving. If you want my kik, message me for the user name.

I am also tightywhitiehang on Youtube.
Hello, you.

I'm まいにち さびしい です. It's nice to meet y'all! 

So what to say, what to say. Well, I may never graduate college but I won't go down without a (high amount of) debt. Let's see I like wedgies and Underwear. Favorite type/style would be atomic and now trunks. I'm really loving them! Not sure what else to say. Maybe, I'll post a picture or two. I definitely can't wait to write a story XD. Anyways, kinda drawing a blank, so hum :3
Hey everyone! My name Is Ryan and have been a member on this site for like 8 years now I think, well I used to be veeeeeeeery active on this site and a huge drama queen little bitch who used to fight with a lot of people, but have calmed completely down!! Ah I do miss the old days they were good! From Dublin Ireland, the best place on earth. Currently doing social work in college and hoping to do criminology next year! Hit me up if you guys want to know more! ( finally my signature of Gaga and JB are gone )
I just realized I never posted here!

I go by either d0d0 or Ray. I've been a member of the wedgie community for a very long time. I've seen many different incarnations of different sites, on most of which I used the name RandomPersonX (which I still use on LuckyFetish). My sexuality has grown a lot over the past 10 years or so, but it's always been shaped by wedgies. I have a romantic partner irl who runs ZenithIllustrations on this site and others. We're in an open relationship and wedgies are a happy part of our sex life.

Anyway, I write fiction and love wedgie art and wedgies in pop culture. So here I am!
Check out my superhero wedgie fic, High Velocity!  Featuring characters designed by ZenithIllustrations and art drawn by Zenith and HotGum.
I'm izzorz. I've been following this site for years, although I've become way more of a lurker over time.

I'm just your average nerd from Michigan who's a fan of anime, video games, cartoons, the works. If anyone ever wants to hit me up to talk about those, I'm usually down for it. I'm also an LPer and Streamer. My favorite genre of games are RPGs.

My favorite wedgies are hangings and atomics, and generic as it might sound, I do like briefs as my ideal underwear. In terms of what I do in my everyday life, well, unfortunately I'm currently job hunting, which isn't exactly easy considering the area I'm in(and the fact that I have a condition that prevents me from being able to properly drive a car). That's about all I can think to say. Hope to be friendly with everyone here!
Hi guys! I don't know how to really start this... Well I'm an 18 year old boy, who's currently a college freshman at CSUN (I'm majoring in Civil Engineering). I'm the kind if person who's kind of shy and awkward, but I start to losen up a bit once you get to know me. I love science fiction, basically super powers and stuff. Although I recently accepted that I consider myself as gay, I haven't told anyone else because I'm afraid. (My parents are homophobic, and the moment I tried talking about it to my friend I think he gave me hints that he didn't accept them.) Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone, like I'm different and its a bad thing.

For the wedgies... I usually love seeing shoulder wedgies, atomics, hangings, and maybe a couple of others but I can't really think of any at the moment. I only wear boxer briefs but I feel like changing back to briefs... Although I have never received a proper wedgie, I would love to actually get a real one.
Hi Big Grin, I'm Miguel, I'm from Mexico, I like wedgies from 14, maybe a little earlier. I like women and I'm interested in chatting with them. Anyway I can respond to men but I want to talk more with women. My main language is Spanish, but I can read and write in English. Have a nice day Smile

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