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Introduce Yourself
Hello All!
I'm a 22 year old college student from Ohio, looking forward to graduating. I was weggier743 on the old site and was semi-active, mostly lurked, and will probably continue to be that way.
Hey Guys! 

My name is Derek, I am 25 and I am originally from Columbus,Ohio an am residing here at the moment. I constantly volunteer and travel so I'm not in the same state for too long, so my participation on this side can be somewhat unbalenced due to the craziness of never being in one place for very long. You will find me most often in the story sections. 

I have been with this sites for years, probably (almost) as long as Trek. I was very active back then but become less so in college. Has had more time to be active as of recently! Looking forward to what this new site has to bring.
Hi, I'm Josh. I've been a member here for a while. I was j originally when I joined (that was years ago though, I was Josh on the last site) because I was a paranoid kid who didn't want to share my name, but then I realized a first name this common doesn't tell anyone much. Don't even remember how many sites I've gone through now so this is no new drill for me, but I'm sad at the loss of all the great stories. Hopefully people will repost, I'll probably try to repost mine (maybe not the old ones that aren't as good, or maybe those too because why not).

I'm currently 24, and both working part time and attending grad school, also part time. I'm going for a MLIS, or master's of library information science, which yes, you do need to be a librarian, or at least a well paid one. I feel like in recent years I tend to lurk a bit and post mostly on the stories, but maybe I'll get a bit more active. I was a moderator at one point on the old site.

I think the biggest blessing in disguise for the transition to this site is that I finally updated my avatar and signature. Had the last ones for like four years.
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Hey John here been a member of the site for awhile now. I'm in school for business graduating this year. Been searching the Northeast for a wedgie buddy for awhile now to no avail. I live in the New York/CT area so feel free to hmu if you live close. Kik: acsubbs
Hey all,

I never bothered to do this on the old site, so I guess now's as good a time as any. I've been a member of this community for a little more than three years now. I went by robinhood on the old site, but I've been bored of that handle for a long time now, so I decided the new site merits a new name. I'm a college student from New York City and, aside from wedgies and underwear, I'm really into movies, TV, sports, and music (especially older music). I'm also a chronic underachiever and procrastinator, which is why I haven't been very prolific writing stories on these boards, even though I quite enjoy writing. Which brings me to a request: a while back I was working on a story on the old site entitled "A Friendly Arrangement," which many of you seemed to enjoy. Unfortunately, I never bothered to save my work except on the site, so all the work I'd done on it is, for the time being, lost. Unless, of course, one of my readers happened to save it. If anyone does have it and could send it to me I would be tremendously grateful, as I'd really like to continue that story, and I would owe that person big time.
Hey Everyone!!! Just for privacy's sake I'd rather not say my real name so it's wedgielover for now! I've been with Wedgiehaven for about 5 to 6 years now (Crazy right?) and have mostly been a lurker with only a few posts. Currently in the NYC area. I'd love to meet a buddie somewhere close by hopefully y'all can message me through PMs to possibly get to know me better. I love talking about more then just wedgies so there's that too!
Hey all! I am ngugal3 and I prefer to not give out my real name for privacy reasons. I am still pretty new to WH and I was on the old site for about a month before this site was born. I love reading stuff, posting stuff, and meeting other girls who like wedgies. I hope to write better stories this time around and make some connections. Nice to meet all of you!
Tobi Obito or Amon Wedgie or Jacob.

I am a Junior in college and am going to get 2 bachelors 1 in History and the other in Philosophy and move onto a masters or doctorate and hope to have a AAS in the Culinary Arts
I am nerdy but work out so in other words I am not a stereotype. I like all music but with rap and country only 1-2 artists. I love anime and manga. On the old site I was told I had good stories but I viewed myself as a bad writer because people barely commented. Even though the view count was high. Because the view count was high I know I had fans.

I like loot crate and loot anime. I do have kik but you can ask GG I don't bombard and I don't spam. So if you want it and don't want to talk wedgies 24/7 pm I'll consider it. I don't do buddies or slaves,

I may update this when I have recollected my thoughts until then ... (turns on some SKA and skanks away) [if you don't know look up ska music skanking] too funny.
I'm Vinnie, I've been into wedgies since I was about 13 but didn't join the actual community until I was 18. In total I've been into wedgies for a little under 10 years at the time of this post, spending at least half of that time as a frequent selfer but that interest has declined over the years. I was on the previous version of this site for a few years. On a few of the sites where wedgie fetishists meet, I go by Vinnie or AntiCherry. I've written a handful of stories that I hope to eventually post here.

Hope to enjoy this new site with the rest of you Smile
Hey Everybody!

My name is Alex. I live in new jersey! i love to snowboard and play basketball. Right now I'm working jobs managing a store and bartending. 
I was a member on the old site for about 6 months, never really posted anything but i loved to read stories.
Nice to meet everyone
Andrew, 21 years old, just a couple of months away from achieving my bachelors degree in Business Administration in the greatest little state with the longest name, Rhode Island. Although my permanent residence is in Massachusetts and I love all things Boston (go Red Sox!), little Rhode Island is like a second home to me now. Those that probably know me at all know me as the (former) asshole of this site, a title that I used to wear proudly, but those days are behind me. I'm sure most that think they know that full story will never be convinced of that anyhow, but that's their problem now. Been around the different variations of this site since I was 13 (and there's been quite a few of them) and through all the fights and attempted bannings, somehow most of the original core members of this site keep finding their way back. Including me at times.
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I didn't do this on the previous site, but I will now. Hello world my name is *insert whatever name I'm going by at the time you read this* You can call me: Neo, 3D, Fukua, or Dead Draw too. I just rp and junk. Sometimes I'll derail conversations in the chat box... yeah. Now I remember why I never did this I'm have nothing to say about myself.
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Greets, I'm Tristan. I went by che on the old site, primarily a lurker and wrote some way shitty stories way back when. I'm in the western NY state area, studying Theatre Design-Production in college. I enjoy camping, hiking and kayaking, and I'm also an EMT. Cheers!
Formerly known as che.

No, I am not interested in RP, buddies, slaves, exchanges, chats, etc.  Good day.
Yo, I'm Joe. Nuff said
You can call me Hanes Luvver. I have a serious fetish for tighty whities, and since wedgies usually involve those, here I am! I'd love to talk to any and all men (gay, straight or otherwise) who are similarly interested in underwear. My kik handle is the same as my username on here.

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