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Introduce Yourself
This thread is for everyone to introduce themselves if they so desire. I'll go first!

My name is Frank, but I usually go by Trek. I've been active in the wedgie community for a long time, and I've been running this site in some form or another since January 2005. I'm a young professional in my mid-20s living in Boston.
Hi, name's Red Nerd (I prefer not going by my real name for privacy reasons.. ;P)

I've been a member of the old site for over a few years, give or take.

I'm currently hoping to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona to get my Bachelor's in Theater, and after that maybe find some work over in NYC.

(Still can't believe the old site's gone.. =( )
Hi there. I go by Beck.

I just joined the old site a few months ago and had no idea just how much I liked wedgies until then. I was sad to hear it went down, but I have high hopes for this one!

I'm 17 years old.
My name is Nicole. Im 18 years old from St. Louis. Ive liked wedgies since I was a little boy, and when I went through my transition and started wearing womens underwear, I liked them even more.
found site Been a member since 2014. Shame site went down, but Im glad this new one is up so the community can stay intact. 
Now I just stalk treks tumblr and chill on here
Hi peeps. Guess it's a new site so time for new intros.

I'm Matt. Currently 23 and in grad school, on my way to become a professional scientist hopefully. I'm kinda an anime nerd at times, as well as just a regular one too i guess. Anyways always fun to chat with people here and of course, I like wedgies like the rest of you nuts Tongue

Edit: OMG I love the new Tongue emotes
[Image: large.gif]
Captain Teemo reporting in. Nah but really. New beginnings I guess? I should probably change.
Hello everyone, I am wedgiedudesti. I  joined the last site when it first started up. I am currently 20 and enjoy a good RP in the PM. Heres to hoping we can get an archive of the old posts at some point in time, especially the amazing stories we had, and look forward to making some amazing new posts.
SFT, 22. Didn't post much on the old site but new beginnings I guess?
I've been a member of this site since the old suddenlaunch version, which means I've now been here through four generations of this site. I have no idea how many years that is, but suffice to say I'm an old dude :p.
Anyway, I'm kind of a lurker here. I look through most of the stuff, but I hardly comment anywhere except the RP section (people totally need to get some RPs going), and I'll occasionally respond to some of the stories or certain topics in the General Discussion forum. Other than that, you'll see me around. PM me if you want to RP one-on-one, but I'm not interested in being wedgie buddies/masters/slaves/etc., so don't ask.
So, yeah, that's me.
Hey, all!

(I can't believe I got this username)

I've liked wedgies for a long while. I'm not huge on giving or receiving them, I just like reading about them and seeing them. I hope we can get an archive of the old website up, because there were some of the best stories on there!

Thank you!
Good morning everyone! I've just woken up and made this account, so yeah >.< gonna be fun to get used to. 

My name is Butter, but my real name is James, I'm 17 and live in jolly old england! Been part of the WH community for several years and enjoy a bunch of stuff. 

Recently been getting into PC games a lot but movies and anime are my life.

If you want to ask any questions, just ask! Big Grin


Oh yeah forgot to mention, I run the Wedgie Haven skype group for UK (United Kingdom) members. We have some cool people on there and we don't always talk about wedgies either, so send me a PM and I'll point you in direction of it!
17 year old pleb from England. Into the animoos.

"When I grow up, I will be brave enough to fight the creatures, that you have to fight beneath the bed each night to be a grown up."
Butter! Welcome aboard, dude!
(Monday, February 29th, 2016, 04:15)selfwedgie13 Wrote: Butter!  Welcome aboard, dude!

Evening Self! Big Grin
Hello~ My name is Adam. Was a part of the old forum for a few years, so I decided to make the switch. 20, going to be 21 in May! College student, going to have my associates degree in liberal studies at the end of this semester. Receiver over giver. I play quite a few video games (as I'm also gay, I guess that makes me a GAYmer), mostly on my computer. I watch anime from time to time- been on a hiatus for a bit, but I plan to get back in and start up on Death Note again.. as soon as possible!
hey what's up guys? I'm yankees, or yanks (i feel yanks is better for a wedgie site lol). Not really comfortable giving my real name for obvious reasons. Just turned 24, been into wedgies since i was 13. I like giving and receiving. I'm pretty bummed the stories I wrote got erased but oh well. anyway new beginnings and whatnot, and I look forward to chatting with some of you.

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