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The "buddy" system
To make the abundantly clear, I'm not talking about buddies in the sense of trading dares with someone, I'm talking about adding someone as a "buddy," kind of like the old friends system. Though this post does deal with their similar names.

The word "buddies" has a very specific connotation to it in this community, as mentioned above, it generally means someone to trade dares and talk wedgies with. This use of the word makes it a bit interesting when trying to add someone. If they don't know how the system works, getting that message asking if they want to be your buddy, can seam like a whole different question than its meant to.

I know it's not a huge problem, but it was something I felt should be addressed. My suggestion would be then, I suppose, change "add to buddy list" to "send friend request," or something of that nature.
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I think that's what the program means. Adding buddies to a friend list
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Yeah, I'd thought that may be the case. If so, then it's just something to get use to.
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Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to change it from Buddy to Friend.

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