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Favorite Wedgie?
I don't have the time/resources/ability for a lot of different wedgies besides the basics, but I like the idea of an atomic or a hanging. I have tried a messy once, and it was okay, but I think that depends a lot on what you put in your undies. I've also done a shower wedgie a few times, and that's pretty fun, getting my briefs soaked and squirting soap, shampoo, and conditioner down them before I yank them up my butt.
It has to be the atomic.
Heck, I typed this up while in one.
I love bra connections Tongue. Especially cause they're permanent and can be made worse.
Likes: Rp, getting connections and shoulders, giving messy and atomic, writing, and KP/DDlg.
Dislikes: People who purposely push my limits, hanging, and anything pink.
An atomic with sweaty tighty whities
Mines gotta be the chair wedgie
I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead~

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