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Favorite Wedgie?
What's everyone's fave? Mine definitely has to be the shoulder.
Normal wedgie is my favorite.
I prefer a regular wedgie or a melvin.
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I've always liked the atomic best.
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piledrivers or bouncings for me
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Atomics and hangings
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I've been obsessed with hanging wedgies since before I knew what a wedgie was, so hanging.
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I like jock locks.
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I would say ripping for some reason
I'd say pile drivers. And any wedgies involved in wrestling!
Gotta totally agree
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Tough, but I'd say my top 3 are jock locks, chair wedgies, and pile drivers.
My favorites are atomic, hanging and messy. I wish there was a way to make hanging less painful though lol.
Hanging, particulary when the waistband is simply hung on a hook, pole, branch or whatever instead of something like a rope through the legholes. That kindof wedgie is more or less impossible to do without it ripping, sadly :'(
I love shoulder wedgies (they all about the ones I can actually preform), but I also love seeing other people in atomics, hanging, and maybe a few melvins (depending on the type of underwear)

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