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Steven Universe Fans
DI Sooo anyone here like Steven Universe? If so, who is your favorite character and why? Ps I am so glad that new episodes are coming out soon.  Big Grin
LOVE haha I just finished watching it online. and probably garnet haha
Love the series, have been watching it from the very beginning. My favorites are Rose and Connie.
There are new episodes coming out soon? When? Did they announce a date? I must know! I'm really into this show if you couldn't tell from my signature. Steven is actually my favorite character.
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I think new episodes are coming out this week or the next but I am not sure but I am so excited because of the leaks amd how people are talking about Lapis coming back and how Malachite is going verses Alexandrite Big Grin

This is the link to the fight:
OMG i love steven universe. my favorites probably gotta be pearl and connie. Lapis is so awesome too, i love her powers.
Even though Rose Quartz I dead, I still love her. She is so beautiful but at the same time a mystery since we still don't know enough about her past. I feel that the gems are hiding something from Steven considering they don't tell Steven about his mother's powers until he has used them in a way.
It's all about bird mom. Though unfortunately the leaked footage gave a sneak peek at the next two episodes, and Lapis is seemingly going to be seeing some pretty harsh changes in character.
Hard to say my favorites, I mean, all of them are just great characters in their own right.
Lol, I love bird mom too. Even though they make fun of Pearl and say crap about her, she is still one of my favorites. Btw my favorite fusion is Opal, and not just because I'm talking archery but also because I love it when bird mom and purple mom get along Big Grin
i'd have to say my favorite character is Pearl, but i think i might lapis more when she get's more action. I like Pearl because of how she mothers steven so much. plus her stories pretty cool how she's going against her base functions. but then again they're all so great
Hey have you guys heard about the new episodes? It starts on May 12th, I think... I'm so excited!
Yeah I heard about it and saw the promo. Pretty ready for them.

That link is for the promo in case you haven't seen it yet.
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I was just rewatching the series, I forgot how enjoyable it is and how well structured the plot was crafted. The show is like an onion (friend) that you can keep peeling back to reveal more interesting layers. It's also very rewarding to see Steven go from a happy but very annoying kid to understanding his responsibilities as a Gem and coming into his own as a young adult. The more you invest into the show the more you get out of it and I think it should be commended for that.
I love the show, I can't wait until the new episodes come out later this month.

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