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First ever wedgie
What was your first wedgie.

Mine was my older sister in the park when I was wearing Spider-Man briefs
Mine was by one of my cousins when I was like 6. He and his bro were sleeping over and he gave me one as a joke.
From one of my guy friends in third grade. I was wearing blue camo Hanes briefs.
Mine was from my good friends and neighbors. One of them was my age and his brother was two years younger (I think I was 7 or 8). I was wearing tighty whities, and the older friend wore boxer briefs and his younger brother wore boxers, so they picked on me a bit for that and wedgied and pantsed me a few times in the future after that. They were my good friends though so it was all in fun haha.
I was watching an anime and saw someone get a hanging wedgie. I recreated it (sort of) by pulling my underwear through one of the handles of my dresser and pulling them down, like a pulley.
(Friday, March 11th, 2016, 15:37)wedgielover56 Wrote: I was watching an anime and saw someone get a hanging wedgie. I recreated it (sort of) by pulling my underwear through one of the handles of my dresser and pulling them down, like a pulley.

What anime was this? As a anime fan I am quite intrigued!

My first wedgie was a ripping wedgie I think. The earliest I can remember at least. Was hooking my briefs onto the bedpost (we had a bunk bed at that time) and then I jumped off, they nearly tore off completely haha. Stung quite a bit!
17 year old pleb from England. Into the animoos.

"When I grow up, I will be brave enough to fight the creatures, that you have to fight beneath the bed each night to be a grown up."
mine was from when i was 9, i was over at my grandparents house for a family get together. anyways i was walking down the hall to the living room, when all of a sudden i felt my shirt get lifted up. all of a sudden my spongebob briefs shot up my back and got all the way to my neck. turns out my uncles friends saw my undies and decided to give me a wedgie in front of everyone. he held onto me for a good minute, bounced me in the air, and let me go when they started to rip, after that i was really embarrassed and ran away up stairs. ever since then i'v loved wedgies c:
I was 9 years old and on the school bus sitting next to my friend when he asks me if I know what a wedgie is. I say yes because I had seen a few on cartoons and stuff. Then he asks if we could trade wedgies and I was like "Sure". So I turn a little bit and he grabs my tighty whities and he pulls with as much force as a 3rd grader can muster and then lets go a couple seconds later. We laugh and then he turns and I reach in his pants and pull up on his green briefs. But, in this moment I realized how much I loved wedgies because I didn't let go. I pulled them as hard as I could and kept pulling for a while, even as he asked me to stop. But I had so much fun that I kept pulling. Eventually I let go but not after stretching out his green briefs. After that day I've been wedgie and I've been wedgying ever since
I think when I was 4 or 5 years old by one of my brothers "friends". Wasn't a proper wedgie thank god but I think I remember being lifted up by my sweat pants lol was in public too in front of few people, I was being bratty and was threatened to be given a hanging wedgie after so I behaved. More of a grudge experience and bad memory to me than anything.

And next proper one a few years later when I was 7 or 8 again by one of my brothers friends (different friend, my brother had really douchey friends back then...) in the water park. I was playing in the water not paying attention when I was lifted up by my boxers and swim shorts and bounced a bit before let go. But no one was pleased or laughing because obviously it made a young me cry and made my bros angry c: haven't had a proper wedgie since then haha.
I think it was one day after losing a bet that i made with my brother, loser of the bet got a wedgie and he gave one to me since i lost the bet (bet was whoever wins in a yugioh duel gets to wedgie the other, i lost the duel). i had on tighty whities. i was 13

then two years later a few days after getting pantsed in gym class to my tighty whities a friend of mine comes to visit class and gave me a wedgie as a joke before class, still wearing tighty whities and she teased me about that too.
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The earliest wedgie I can remember is being probably 8-9 years old, havin my best friend pull my tighty whiteys up out of my pants as hard as he could. I then did the same to him. I was hooked!
When i was pretty young around 9-10 was my first remarkable wedgie worth remembering, I used a bungee cord through my boxer leg holes, hooked them onto a fairly high tree branch and jumped off, I got a basic hanging wedgie, but it felt amazing cause the flexible bungee cord allowed me to bounce around and swing a bit, it lasted for a good 10-20 minutes till the weak bungee cord snapped Sad
I'd say age 9 was my first legit experience with wedgies. there was this tomboyish chick in my class who loved to roughhouse with my friends and I. although she liked to "pick on" me in particular. she used to love hiking up my briefs when she got the chance. I would get her back but she tattled on me once when I got her and that was totally not cool.
Believe it or not, I have not been fortunate enough to have been given a wedgie! My sister and I never fought as kids and wedgies weren't common where I live.

The closest I got was at camp one year (I believe I was 13 maybe) where they were giving small wedgies to every boy as "initiation", but I wore cartoon briefs back then and was way too nervous to take it, so I didn't get a wedgie. Thinking back on it, I wish I had taken the opportunity.

I have done plenty of self-wedgies though, but I know it isn't the same.
Dislikes: Ripping, hanging, public, longer than 1hr, swirlies, anything too painful.

Likes: Chair, regular, melvin, all-around, easy spanking, messy (sometimes).

Underwear: Tighty Whities & Boxer-Briefs
My first legit wedgie was when i was around 12 and i already knew i liked wedgies. I was hanging on my friends basketball hoop and was sagging a little (i may have asked for this) and he yanked up my tighty whities and i dropped down to make the wedgie better. The rest of the night i made sure my underweae stuck out and i got a few more that day. It was kind of great

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