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Sitting wedgie
I just came up with this technique last week but it's really easy to pull of and decently painful.

First, hook your underwear off of something that's about waist level or higher, like a doorknob. Then, try to sit down on the ground. Make sure to straighten out your legs in front of you so they aren't supporting any of your weight, you have to relax your legs like you would if you were sitting or laying down. The underwear should prevent your butt from actually reaching the ground so it'll just be hanging there, just above the ground. You will basically be sitting down on the wedgie, with the whole weight of your upper body pushing you down into it.

It's like a cross between a dangling wedgie and a chair wedgie. Hope you guys enjoy, I sure did!  Big Grin   Big Grin   Big Grin

I made a quick sketch to illustrate:

[Image: SCJZnhU.png]
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Great idea, and I like the visual aid
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Big Grin What I love to do: Propeller, dangling, chair, regular, all-around, exercising in a permanent wedgie.(squats, sit-ups and push-ups.)

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