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VPL (visible panty line) sightings
Hey guys. This is sort of like the seen underwear thread except its for seeing VPL!

Today I was at a social function with lots of women in dresses. I got VPL shots of young ladies wearing briefs and bikini panties!
The other day my friend texted me in the morning about his underwear crisis (aka he was out of boxers and had to wear tighty whities because they were all he had left). He's the kind of guy who always wears either sweatpants, trackpants, or gym shorts and that day it happened to be really lightweight black gym shorts with white panels on the side. Not only could you see the complete outline of his briefs through the fabric 24/7 (not even just when he was bending over), the sides were basically see through and you could see very obviously that he was wearing tighty whities.
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I have a co-worker who always wears tight jeans over her granny panties, showing wonderful lines.
My girlfriend usually wears really tight leggings and her bikini cut panties can be seen. She only has white, black, purple, and pink, and some striped panties.
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You can usually find VPLs on girls that wear the Nike tempo shorts as well if they wear underwear like regular panties under them.
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I was walking up the stairs behind a girl wearing army green jeans and a white top. She had full briefs on underneath, and the panty lines were visible across the back and up the sides on her thighs.
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Had an eventful day at a city event. Rode a bus in, some ladies in front of me had to pick their wedgies out once they got up. They were wearing thin dresses revealing panty lines. One girl ran her fingers down both sides of her butt along her brief legholes. It was amazing.

At the event I saw multiple ladies with full-back VPL Smile
Last weekend I went over to my uncle`s place. His son just turned 17. He`s wearing these light blue Adidas tapered track pants. Bend over to pick up his other little baby niece and I could see the clear outline of his tighty whities through the pants. Later on saw a white Calvin Klein waistband and some white material to confirm they were actually white briefs.
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Young lady came in wear black yoga pants with obvious bikini cut panty lines showing Smile. Also a co-worker wore leggings to work which never happens, also showing bikini panty lines!
A girl in English had full cut panties under leggings.

In the hallway, a girl was wearing light colored thin jeans with darker splotches. Her entire panty line was visible, as you could see a fairly noticeable color difference where the thin fabric was over her skin, and where it was over her white bikini cut panties.
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Co-worker was wearing skinny jeans which showed the panty lines of her brief cut panties. A customer had on yoga pants revealing her hi-cut panty lines.
This just happened a short while ago so I figured who not share it?

I was at a birthday party with some friends, and some of them decided to play Twister after the main celebration had ended. So, as I say on the side lines four of them started playing, and one in particular, a girl I have a small crush on, caught my attention. She was wearing a light blue shirt, grey jacket and matching grey skirt with white leggings or tights, I couldn't tell which. As as she was in a position which basically had her bending over to touch her toes I could faintly see her underwear through the fabric. It was blue with what looked to be yellow, pink and green flower on them. I couldn't tell what style it was but I'm guessing it was bikini cut panties.

The irony is that shortly after she commented on how wearing a skirt wasn't the best attire to be wearing when playing party games, if only she knew ^^
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Not quite the same thing but I figure here's a decent place to post it:

I was camping this past summer by a lake with some friends of mine. The group I rode with arrived early and it wasn't going to be until later that the others arrived so we decided to go ahead and rent a pontoon (my friend is rather well off. If you aren't aware, renting a pontoon for any amount of time is a small fortune, not including the gas). So we go out, just the four of us; me, my friend, my other friend, and this girl. You'd think sun screen would be something we'd have thought about but it definitely wasn't. The girl that rode with us was resting on the upper deck while we guys drove around the lake. When we were done for the day it was no surprise she got burnt, along with most of us, what was surprising was that it was her bum that roasted the most. 

We went back to camp and the other group had arrived. The girl that was with us went to change, when she came out she was in a shirt and skirt. With the other group some more girls arrived who sympathized with Miss Burned bum. One girl thought it would be a good idea to fan it. You can guess what happens next; when the other girl starts fanning her, her skirt lifts up, showing off a red bottom barely covered by a white thong in front of everyone there. We had quite the laugh about it for the rest of the weekend xD.
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Stumbling through the adventures of life with a smile.

Got my haircut yesterday. Young woman cutting my hair had black slacks on, which clearly showed the outline of her briefs when she leaned on her one leg which she did a lot.
In lunch, a girl was in line and the legholes of her granny panties through her jeans.

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