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Guessing what type of underwear someone is wearing?
This is something that confuses me, but it pops up pretty consistently, particularly in the 'Saw someone's underwear' style of threads.

Personally, I cannot tell the difference between boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs simply by seeing someone's waistband or just the top of their underwear in general. So I'm left wondering, how can some of you guys tell what type of underwear someone is wearing? Is there a pattern or design similarity that I'm missing?

It'd be interesting as well, because I'm left wondering if people can tell I'm wearing briefs purely by seeing my waistband.
Boxers most of the time don't have the brand on the waistband, after that idk.
Boxers don't have waistbands. Most people just assume that they are bbs if they see the waistbands considering bbs are way more popular.
Actually, a lot of boxers have the waistbands on them. just depends where you buy them. Most have the fabric waistband instead of the elastic waistband though. It really comes down to what's below the waistband itself. If the fabric seems really loose or has a sewing line down the middle, chances are they're boxers. If the fabric looks tighter and there isn't a sewing line down the middle I usually assume bb's or briefs.
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That's what i meant,that most don't have the elastic one.
Also, bbs tend (but don't always have) to have sewing lines or seams down each butt cheek. Also briefs or bbs can leave vpl if the person is in tight enough pants, and then you know for sure.
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