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Full Version: Important
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FYI to, log out you have to to your own profile and log out as yourself. I recommend everyone does, I've had 3 members confirm they can read through people's account info and PMs
Also was able to get users ip addresses while logged in as Derek, didn't write any down just testing, definitely should log out.
Yeah, every time I go to the index, it thinks I'm someone else. Everywhere else, it seems fine. I don't know. It's still being weird.
I take that back. I was able to get on the index as me, but every time I tried to read a thread or check my PMs, I was someone else. And now it's back to me being confused for someone else on the index too. Well, maybe the third time will be the charm (I hope. I miss the peeps here, and the RPing).
Well, I was able to get into my own PMs finally, but I'm still having trouble on the index again. I think the index and the PMs are the main places where the problem's happening. I haven't had any sort of trouble on the boards themselves since the first fix, and the thing with the threads may have just been a fluke. That hasn't been a problem for me since. Still, not entirely fixed yet, but hopefully close.
I just noticed I was also logged in as another user.
There are still problems here.

I had to dump cookies to get back to "myself"

This should be posted under my name as "chad_nw_oh"

I also noticed that on the post/reply screen it has my username listed and [change user] next to it.. Should this be there for standard users?  It sounds like a admin item.
No, the [change user] thing has always been there.
Okay, cleared my cache, cookies, etc. and the problem seems to be (mostly?) fixed, at least for now. Hopefully it stays that way, but I would advise migrating the content to a new board with more reliable software considering all the trouble this one has been having.
And I'm back to not being me on the index. Still broken.
I believe Trek is/was planning on migrating the content to a new board, but idk how long that would take :/
I reccomend we all log off (especially mods) to prevent any IP leaks, and wait.